Hi There

The new Domino's Pizza campaign features a group of well-known and greatly loved celebrities, both in TV and social media. These celebrities are the stars and main fighters of the campaign

The first and main fight is going to highlight Tareq Al Ali. The highly talented comedian and actor, playing against Ahmad Al Onan who's journey is no less than his opponent.

On the second fight, two of the greatest memes in town and the region will go down the ring. With their distinct characters and humourous tones, Reem Al Bloushi VS. Om Noor

Down for the last, the most heated and furious fight, between the outragous Bu Talal and the fierce Shark of Kuwait.

Last but not least, as our referee, the beloved Shihab's grand mother. Adding her special touch to each fight.

Single fight posters will be promoted in Mega billboards all across Kuwait City. As for the fight schedules, they are promoted on Mega billboards as well as on buses

They'll all be promoted offline on Al Qabas newspaper, and online through news and media casters as well as many mega and micro influencers.

A series of posts promoting the meals and the campaign is also created for more exposure and to have attention grabbing material for the sponsored ads on Instagram.




We also created custom Instagram and Snapchat filters and stickers for maximum interactivity with the audience.


The challenge was carefully created with a unique hashtag to expand the campaign's reach to audience and to make the interaction fun and enjoyable and most of all beneficial to the client.