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From a local studio into internationally acclaimed regional creative agency . An international Awards Winning Creative Agency . Kuwaiti Based since 2009. In a legacy of more than a decade, we’ve been creating and innovating in the Kuwaiti market through our vaste catalog of services. We are leading the market in several fields and introduced a lot of influencial content and are striving for more successful stories with our clients and audiences.

Bringing Your Ideas to Life


Animation & Production

By creating a state of the art animation made by top artists and animators in the region, you will have a unique reflection in the market that appeals to a wider audience and will accomplish a satisfying results that elevates your brand value to new heights.

Branding & Interior

Create Your New Identity.

• Brand Strategy
A well analysed and planned strategy is created for your brand to boost its value and creates brand awareness. This brand strategy involves many services that help meet the prefered KPIs (Key performance indicators) that are set for the smartest business decisions for the brand’s current goals.
• Visual Communication
We create visuals that effeciently communicate and convey the intent of the campaign’s purpose. With the wide range of mediums to choose from, the campaign’s visuals have a big reach to the targeted audience.
• Brand Auditing
Evolve your brand with our exceptional brand auditing experts and rejuvinate your brand identity to a more suitable presence among the high-tier competitive market.

Marketing campaigns & event management

An Array Of Marketing Campaigns.

We provide a big catalogue of campaigns with different goals and objectives to fulfill every need. Be it promotional, seasonal or for awareness purposes, all of our campaigns are based on a research of the brand’s market presence and elements surrounding it for the best possible outcome for the success of the campaign.

Visual communication

We create visuals that efficiently communicate and convey the intent of the campaign’s purpose. With a wide range of mediums to choose from, the campaign’s visuals have a big reach to the targeted audience.

Merchandise & games

For You And Ourselves

Creative and interesting concepts for merchandise can be created for your brands to diversify the mediums your brand can be promoted on. While creating merch for our clients, we also do for ourselves. By doing so, we can collaborate with brands to let them take advantage of our presence in all viral platforms.We take great pleasure in designing innovative games like board games and card games. We also enjoy creating digital games for smart phones that proudly represent local cultural content and introduces it to foreign audiences.

Our Services

Animation Studio services

- Storyboarding
- Mood board
- Animatics
- Character designs
- Mascot
- Games designs
- Motion Graphics
- 2D | 3D | Mixed Media

Visual Development services

- Branding identity
- Branding strategy
- Branding manuals
- Company profiles
- Branded motion videos
- Visual communications
- Merchandise Designs

Creative Story Department services

- Script writing
- Copywriting
- Concept creation
- Tag lines | Slogans
- Storybooks | Comics
- Character Development

Production & Film Department services :

- Production full services
- Preproduction services
- VFX | Post production
- TVC | Social media content
- Voice overs | customised jingles
- Audio logo | sonic jingles
- YouTube content

Marketing & innovation services :

- Creative campaign strategy
- Tactics | activation ideas
- Marketing Consultant
- The M process
- Media Booking & PR
- MC service (ask us about it)

Check out more for our :

-TV / social medial animation
-Animation Movie collaboration
-VFX / Graphics movie collaboration

Btw we have ready scripts and scenarios for movies and series


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